Online Training

Train Hard…Even While On The Go

Work together with a certified fitness professional to develop a comprehensive plan just for you. Concerned about performing the exercises properly? No need to worry. Each part of your workout includes video based instruction for each specified exercise. Your trainer can even provide video correction of your very own movements, to ensure that there are no wasted efforts & you are able to maximize every moment of your workout. Receive the benefits of one on one personal training, even when your trainer is not there in person for only $99.99 a month.

How Does Online Training Work?

After your initial consultation, you will gain access to your personalized workout plan. Access your workouts at home, or bring your workouts to the gym. Access detailed video instruction, track your progress, and communicate with your trainer via the training app or email. Participate in weekly feedback & accountability calls/video conferences to help keep you motivated and on the right path.

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