My First Classic Physique Competition

What’s up everyone. So it’s definitely been a good minute since I’ve had the opportunity to post anything here, buuuuutt it’s for good reason. So your favorite trainer’s favorite trainer (<—see what I did there lol), has been training since late October to compete in my first ever bodybuilding competition. The show was March 17, and I competed in the Men’s Classic Physique Division (novice and open) at the NPC Miles Natural Western USA Championships. (I’ll be posting about the different divisions later).

Abdominals and Thighs 1

First things first, the competition and training experience was absolutely AWESOME!!!! I’m a personal trainer, so I have the opportunity to help people achieve some great things. But to refocus, reset and re-evaluate how every individual change/variable directly impacts the body on such an in depth level was truly enjoyable for me.

I actually hired a coach for the prep process, who just happens to be a great friend of mine and a professional bodybuilder himself. So that made the process even more enjoyable. And it definitely led to the results of two top 5 finishes in my first ever show.

Overall, it was such a great experience, and definitely something that I will be looking toward doing again in the future. In fact, I’ve already begun prep for my next show (aiming for July 2018). So I’ll keep you all posted.

Jump Start Transformation Challenge 2018

It’s almost that time of year again!! The THGR Fitness Jump Start Transformation Challenge is almost here, and this year you can win $200. Entry is only $99, and gets you 6 weeks of online personal training and detailed nutrition. Best overall transformation wins cool gear and $200!!! Reserve your spot today, as spots are limited.
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T.H.G.R. Fitness on YouTube

Hey everyone. I’m looking to increase the overall impact of THGR Fitness to a larger scale. My first avenue that I’m working on is YouTube. If you’ve seen any of my Positive Vibes posts (#PV365), then you know the type of message that I’m looking to put out there. Along with that, I’m looking to build one of the largest free exercise libraries available (all through YouTube).

But, I can only reach so far. So what I would like for you to do if you have not already, is click the link below to visit and then subscribe to the THGR Fitness Youtube Channel. You don’t need to pay anything or give anything, all it may ask you to do is sign in (it’s your gmail/google login…since google owns YouTube). I’ll take care of the necessary updates to the channel, including tons of info for you for free as well. Thank you all in advance.

THGR Fitness YouTube Channel

#PV365 Preservation of Self

I’m certain that we all can attest to being witnesses to the massive amounts of negativity present in the world. Whether it be via social media, the news, personal interaction, or even work…the presence of negative energy is at an all time high. Are you making purposeful efforts to protect your positive?


6 Pack Sunday #3: 10 Minute Ab Blast

New 6 pack Sunday video posted. Blast those abs with this 10 minute workout. And don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel for fitness & nutrition videos, and workouts posted weekly.

Battling Dad Bod

After 9 months of waiting, preparation, doctor’s appointments, weird cravings and midnight snack runs, your little bundle of joy has blessed the world with their presence. Congratulations!!! You’re officially a dad. If one were to poll any number of fathers in the U.S. as to what the proudest moment of their life was, it would be hard to argue that the moment they first held their child shouldn’t top that list. It’s a moment that has such a level of magnitude that it is truly incomparable with anything else.

In the months/years to follow, your life truly changes. Your daily routines regularly get altered, your plans and purpose completely change; and you undoubtedly experience multiple levels of jubilation on a regular basis as your little one grows and develops. The joys, realities and requirements of fatherhood completely alter your focus, as it is no longer simply about you. It’s not until you finally reach that moment where you catch a glimpse of a side profile while walking by a mirror, and you realize it happened…..You officially have a Dad Bod.

While this realization is often treated as a common moment of acceptance that “this is just how it’s going to be”, it does not have to be. I’m going to give you 5 simple pieces of advice to help you regain control of your health & fitness, and start your battle against dad bod.

  1. Own It. “I have been too busy…There is not enough time…It happens to everyone…” Regardless of which excuse you choose, remember that it is still an excuse. Utilizing any excuse for your own condition is the same as transferring ownership. Acknowledge that your health & fitness just has not been a priority. By taking ownership of where you are, you’ll be much more likely to commit to the process of getting to where you need to be. Why? Simply because you have broken the cycle of blaming it on someone else.
  2. Set Daily Goals. Start with 2-3 activity goals per day. Write them down and keep them either with you, or in a place where you must see them multiple times throughout the day. When establishing these goals, do not try to set the world on fire from day one. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your body. So develop 2-3 S.M.A.R.T. activity goals for each day (see below). Each time you complete a goal, physically cross it off of the list. As men, we are definite creatures of routine and habit. This will help you to establish a routine of physical activity that will lead to sustainable success.
    • S.M.A.R.T.
    • Specific: A definitive goal with a definite target. (i.e. walking around the block 3 times)
    • Measurable: Completion of the goal must have tangible results. (i.e. I walked around the block 3 times)
    • Attainable: The goal must be something that CAN be completed. (i.e. walking around the block can physically be done)
    • Realistic: The goal must be something you are physically capable of doing. (i.e. running a marathon after 0 physical activity for 6 months =unrealistic…completing a 15-20 minute walk=realistic)
    • Timely: Each goal must have a designated completion time-frame. (i.e. I will walk around the block 3 times by 4pm.)
  3. Meal & Snack Prep. As a personal trainer, one of the most common struggles I hear from my clients (active and potential) is with the convenience of nutritious food choices. In fact, the single and most consistent saboteur of a healthier lifestyle is convenience food. In particular, the convenience of not-so nutritious food options. So how does one make healthy eating more convenient? Simply put…be your own fast food source. What I have discovered is that when you have options within reach that you personally spent time preparing, you are much less likely to spend your money elsewhere (<–There’s that ownership thing again).
  4. Make Your Own Plate. So you may not be the chef in your household. Your significant other may even insist on ensuring you have good home cooked meals, and won’t let you near the kitchen. I get it. If this (or maybe you just can’t boil water) is your situation, then there is a solution for that as well. Start making your own plate. What better way to ensure that you are getting the proper portions than to put the food on the plate yourself (<–one more time for the fellas in the back…ownership). This way, your significant other gets the satisfaction of preparing the food, and you get the control of how much goes into your body.
  5. Start Training. This is the last thing on this list, and for good reason. Along with establishing a routine with what you take in, you MUST establish a routine for what you put out. And by put out, I am speaking of the calories you burn. If you refer back to tip #2 above, you will observe the reference for incorporating activity goals. The purpose of this is to increase your daily activity level from being sedentary (sitting on the couch), to getting up and moving around more. This is necessary to keep your metabolic fire burning throughout the day. When it comes to specified training (working out), make this a separate goal. Once you have checked in with your primary doctor, it is time to start putting in the physical work. Implementing a training regimen that is designed specifically for you and your goals, is essential for your success. And it is import that I emphasize “DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU AND YOUR GOALS”. While you may want to jump into the gym and sling around a bunch of weight, it is very likely that this will not work in your favor. It is best to put the ego aside, and reach out to a professional for proper guidance to get you on a proper plan, and on the right track toward achieving sustainable goals and preventing you from injuring yourself in the process.

As you can see from the information presented above, it is definitely possible for you to get back in control, and successfully battle that new “dad-ish” figure. And while the steps above won’t guarantee that you will transform yourself into the next Hercules, following them will definitely help you to get back on track, and set you on your way to improved health & fitness.

The Return of THGR Fitness Bootcamp

Bootcamp 1
It’s that time again folks. The official THGR Fitness Bootcamp series is kicking off again, starting Saturday 7/22/17 at 1pm. Bootcamp sessions will be held every Saturday (unless otherwise noted) at The Garage Personal Training.
If you’ve ever been a part of one of our camps, you know they are filled with fun, hard work, and awesome fellowship with some awesome people.
Camp sessions are $8 per session with advanced purchase ($32 total), and $10 for drop in sessions on the day of each camp. So come on by and get an awesome workout, and have an awesome time with some pretty amazing people. Can’t wait to see you there.
For advanced purchase, click the link below.

6 Pack Sunday #2

Should I Train Abs Everyday?

30 Minute Total-Body Beach Workout (Sand Optional)

This 30-minute total-body, high-intensity interval workout is effective, efficient and invigorating. For more on high-intensity interval training, check out High-intensity Interval Training: Why it Works.

Here are four reasons why you should incorporate this type of workout into your training routine:

  • You can do this type of workout anywhere, literally—from a living room or a parking lot to the gym or the beach. On occasion, I will throw in dumbbells or bands, but you can keep things simple and stick with body weight. The only other thing you need is a determined mindset.
  • You can do this workout in 30 minutes or less. The body of this workout is 20 minutes (with five minutes for the warm-up and five minutes for a cool-down). Don’t let that fool you though—it’s an intense 20 minutes because you’ll be pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.
  • You will hit every major muscle group. This workout engages upper body, lower body and core muscles, which makes it a nice complement to any specific program you might be following.
  • You will engage both muscular and aerobic fitness. This workout not only challenges the body’s strength, but also incorporates sprint work that taps into the body’s anaerobic fitness.

The Workout

Warm up for five minutes with some dynamic movements or jogging. For the 20-minute block, complete as many rounds as you can and rest as often as you need to.

Squat Block

  • 25 Squats: Feet shoulder-width apart, hips to parallel, go quickly
  • 20 Pulsing Squats: Pulse at the bottom of the squat position
  • 15 Jumping Squats: Explode on the way up, jumping as high as you can

Lunge Block

  • 15 Walking Lunges: 15 reps on each leg, drop your knee back to the ground

Push-Up Block

  • 15 Push-ups: Drop to knees when form starts to fail
  • 20 Burpees: A squat thrust with a push-up

Sprint Block

  • 1 Sprint: Sprint back to the spot where the squats were done

Note: Do the three squat variations (squat block), perform the walking lunge for 30 paces, and then do the push-ups, burpees and mountain climbers (push-up block) at this end point. Sprint back to where you completed the squat block and repeat.


*Original Contributor: Kelly Vargo
**Original Location:

No Gym, No Excuses

Can’t figure out a way to get to the gym?? Don’t let it be an excuse to not put in work. Check out the video below for ideas from my recent session.