My First Classic Physique Competition

What’s up everyone. So it’s definitely been a good minute since I’ve had the opportunity to post anything here, buuuuutt it’s for good reason. So your favorite trainer’s favorite trainer (<—see what I did there lol), has been training since late October to compete in my first ever bodybuilding competition. The show was March 17, and I competed in the Men’s Classic Physique Division (novice and open) at the NPC Miles Natural Western USA Championships. (I’ll be posting about the different divisions later).

Abdominals and Thighs 1

First things first, the competition and training experience was absolutely AWESOME!!!! I’m a personal trainer, so I have the opportunity to help people achieve some great things. But to refocus, reset and re-evaluate how every individual change/variable directly impacts the body on such an in depth level was truly enjoyable for me.

I actually hired a coach for the prep process, who just happens to be a great friend of mine and a professional bodybuilder himself. So that made the process even more enjoyable. And it definitely led to the results of two top 5 finishes in my first ever show.

Overall, it was such a great experience, and definitely something that I will be looking toward doing again in the future. In fact, I’ve already begun prep for my next show (aiming for July 2018). So I’ll keep you all posted.

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