T.H.G.R. Fitness on YouTube

Hey everyone. I’m looking to increase the overall impact of THGR Fitness to a larger scale. My first avenue that I’m working on is YouTube. If you’ve seen any of my Positive Vibes posts (#PV365), then you know the type of message that I’m looking to put out there. Along with that, I’m looking to build one of the largest free exercise libraries available (all through YouTube).

But, I can only reach so far. So what I would like for you to do if you have not already, is click the link below to visit and then subscribe to the THGR Fitness Youtube Channel. You don’t need to pay anything or give anything, all it may ask you to do is sign in (it’s your gmail/google login…since google owns YouTube). I’ll take care of the necessary updates to the channel, including tons of info for you for free as well. Thank you all in advance.

THGR Fitness YouTube Channel

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