Food for Thought

Message of the day, week, month, year, lifetime: You cannot out train a bad diet. I can give you workouts until you (and I) are blue in the face. I can spend hours (which I often do) creating the workouts that you spend hours doing. But if you can’t commit 100% to yourself and get control of your consumption, it’s a waste of time.
Many of us enjoying cooking and/or eating. However, there are three major mistakes that I often see surround nutrition.
1. Eating more because it tastes good. I often preach that I love what I eat in my nutrition plan. I also know that I can enjoy my meals within my goals without over indulging. Eat to match your training and your goals.
2. Cooking(and eating) more as a mechanism for handling stress. Many people love to flex their culinary muscles. For many, being in the kitchen is a similar coping mechanism to being in the gym for others. However, we can’t get caught up in cooking (and eating) so heavily/often that it works contrary to our goals. Learn to flex those muscles in the kitchen by looking for more ways to make some of your favorite dishes without them being so calorically dense.
3. Food rewards. Quite simply put, we are not pets that need food treats for doing a good job. Food is nourishment. It is vital to our existence. Don’t handcuff your success by constantly “rewarding” your success with sabotage.

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